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Playtech has come a long way since it first opened for business in 1999 targeting the online gaming niche. Its portfolio includes hundreds of casino games including slots and poker and it also provides online bingo and lottery facilities to dozens of casinos.

The company joined its competitors in the live casino games segment in 2003. Today, it boasts of two studios that serve two different types of clients. Its Latvian studio caters for European players while the studio in the Philippines is specifically designed for Asian players.

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If it is an online live casino game then Playtech either has it on its list or is working on it. Their main highlights are Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Sic Bo, Hi Lo and Roulette but of course they come with a twist.

For starters, their Blackjack is either 7-seat or Unlimited with manual card shuffling. Roulette is single zero i.e. European and you are able to re-use your bets if they are serving you well. All these sound like regular features if you ask me; but that’s where regular ends.

Enter the language factor: Playtech has realized that it has quite a customer base within Non-English speaking countries and has trained native Spanish and Italian speaking dealers to attend to this market segment. UK residents have not been forgotten either, they have dedicated tables where they are served by UK dealers.

Moreover, the company unveiled the Ruby Room, a VIP gaming area that specifically caters to Baccarat high rollers. Playtech’s interface is also worth mentioning as it can do lots of things that enhance your gaming experience. It gives you the opportunity to hide your bets from prying eyes in addition to allowing you to chat with the dealer (or mute his/her voice if you so wish).

Because the company runs sites in the European and Asian markets it has ‘separated’ it games meaning that you may find some games missing depending on where you are playing. A good example is the case of Sic Bo which is only availed to the Asian market.

If you can play it on your PC then you can play it on your mobile device: all Playtech live casino games are mobile-friendly. The company has given you the opportunity to game wherever and whenever you like.

Sorry, there isn’t much to say about these; Playtech is simply on top of its game.

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This company has certainly done its best to ensure that leaves a footprint in every aspect of live casino gaming. It offers live TV games in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in which players can participate using various gadgets including their mobile phones (via text), their remote controls etc.

One really has to hand it to Playtech for succeeding where many market leaders seem to have failed; they have never stopped innovating. When players demanded live casino games they delivered.

When they wanted to carry their games in their pockets and handbags the company gave them mobile live casino. Clearly, it is only a matter of time before Playtech’s team of developers sets another trend.

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