Medialive Live Casino Software

Medialive Casino Ltd is a casino software developer that has been around since 2005. The company is based in Malta and started out as an online casino game operator offering slot machines, virtual games and white label products.

Over the next fifteen years, Medialive went about transforming itself into a leading live casino software provider. It is licensed in more than five European countries including the UK and Italy.

The developer specializes in live Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat games that come with a variety of set-ups. Casino owners are given a choice of venues from which they can stream their live games.

For instance, they can stream from the company’s Malta studios or from the Sanremo Casino in Italy. This ability to stream live games from authentic casinos is one of the factors help Medialive to outshine the competition. It also offers live roulette from the Nova Gorica Casino in Slovenia.

Moreover, casino owners are not obliged to stick to just one studio set up. Medialive uses ‘green screen’ technology on all its games hence casino operators can customize the tables and backgrounds to suit their marketing needs.
One cannot fail to point out that the company has a stash of other games that can be availed to casinos on request. These include Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, Casino War, Trente et Quarante, Mahjong, Sic Bo, Chemin De Fer and Pay Gow.

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And in case you are an excellent multi-tasker then Medialive is ready to test your skills. Its multigame feature allows you to play up to four live casino games simultaneously. Do you think that you can win at all of them?

All of this developer’s games are available on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. Thanks to HTML5 technology there is no compromise on their quality and you wouldn’t even notice that you have switched from your PC to your tablet.

Other Services
Casino operators have often complained of nightmare-like experiences when trying to introduce live casino games to an already existing platform. Medialive uses API to integrate the live gaming platforms to the casinos’ infrastructure.
This way, the casino’s confidential information is not compromised and the integration process should ideally be painless. Staying with casino operators, the company has a product that assists online casinos that do not want to use generic live game studios.

Through this facility, Medialive does everything from designing the set, to installing the necessary software and training the croupiers. Consequently, the casinos get to tailor their games to what they feel their clients require.

Side bets always add some extra excitement to blackjack so Medialive would do well to give their fans a good dose of these.

Other Services
The company has not forgotten where it began and continues to offer state of the art kiosks to its customers. In addition, its white label package is specially designed for anyone who is new to the online gaming market and provides all the software and hardware that is needed to successfully run an online casino.

Medialive products are created to impress both the casino and the players making it a software provider worth trying out.

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