How to Play Live Casino Games

As live casino games quickly gain popularity among gambling enthusiasts online casinos are tripping over themselves in a bid to outshine each other. The result is an improvement in the variety of games offered which means that you can now enjoy several variations of roulette, baccarat and poker.

Each game has its own rules and strategies which we will not delve in right now; we will simply give you a brief overview of how the most popular games are played:

•    3 Card Poker is one of the oldest variations of poker that has recently found its way into online casinos. As suggested by its name it is played using three cards and pits the player against the dealer. Whoever has the better hand wins.

•    Baccarat (Punto Banco) is essentially a game of chance whose stakes can get quite high. The player contends against the banker with each being dealt two or three cards depending on their value. The aim here is to score a nine.
It is worth mentioning that on many online casinos you can bet on more than the traditional game. For example, you can bet on the player/banker’s cards forming a pair or on the game ending in a tie.

•    Bet on Poker is a game derived from Texas Hold’em that features six player positions. You win by correctly predicting how the game will end and there are odds attached to each hand.

•    Casino Hold’em is the live casino version of Texas Hold’em. As a player, you seek to outsmart the dealer by having a better poker hand of five cards. Unlike in regular Texas Hold’em you are only out to beat the dealer.

•    Dragon Tiger isn’t a player against dealer kind of game, instead the dealer (dragon) and the player (tiger) are dealt one card each and you try to predict the outcome of the game.

•    Live Blackjack is a common game on most sites that offer live casino games. It has two main variations i.e. the 7 seat and the unlimited version. And just like Punto Banco it comes with an assortment of side bets depending on which site you are playing on.

The game pits the dealer against the players with the latter seeking to win with a hand value of 21 or thereabouts.

•    Live Hi Lo is yet another predict-and-win kind of game where you bet on the value of a card being higher or lower than that of the previous card dealt. There are odds attached to each bet.

•    Roulette and especially the European version is offered on virtually all live casino sites. It is a game of chance that features a spinning ball that lands in numbered pockets. You bet on colors or numbers where you expect the ball to rest.

•    Sic Bo is a game that originated in China and involves players betting on the outcome of the rolling of three dice. There are various ways in which you can bet, for example you can predict that a particular number will appear on all the dice or on what all the dice will add up to.

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