How Do Live Casino Games Work?

Gone are the days when the closest you could get to your favorite round of baccarat was a strange looking video slot that progressed way too fast. Today, you can play not just this table game but also blackjack, roulette, poker and sic bo in the presence of a real dealer.

Live casino games technology is responsible for these good tidings since it enables you to game like you are in your local brick and mortar casino. So how are these live games carried out? Essentially, these four players come together to create a live casino game to remember:

•    The Platform Providers
These are the companies that provide the live casino platforms to your preferred online casinos. You have probably already heard of them because they include such legendary companies as MicroGaming, Evolution Gaming, CWC Gaming and Playtech.

These platform providers act as an intermediary between you and the majority of online casinos including BetVictor. They provide the gaming rooms, software and even the croupiers that smile at you as you play.

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This means that several casinos can share the same facilities when providing you with a certain game. This fact is very important when you are having trouble trusting online casinos because this sharing of staff and facilities makes it rather difficult for casinos to run scams (theoretically at least).

•    The Croupiers
For many of us, the person behind the table determines where we sit at a casino. In light of this, online casinos go for the best that the market has to offer. You can look forward to sharing a laugh with your preferred croupier while he/she maintains the same professionalism that you get at your local casino.
Moreover, technological advancements now allow you to use your mic to converse with your croupier. This is a welcome shift from the text chatting that has been used previously.

•    The Games
If you enjoy blackjack, hold’em, sic bo, roulette or baccarat then you will be right at home at a live casino game session. Everything you see on the screen including the tables, dice and cards are real.

However, you should know that the casino setting is not necessarily real. In most cases it is simply a studio. Nevertheless, some online casinos have been able to stream their games from actual gaming floors.

•    The Technology
This is the backbone of live gaming and it changes with every passing day. All the same, there is one thing that remains constant: the need for a reliable internet connection. The games take place in real time and a connection that keeps oscillating will ruin your day.

That said; the games are usually filmed by more than one camera which makes for reasonable viewing options. Besides that, depending on the site you are using, you may have the zoom-in feature that reveals all.

And of course there is the splendid OCR technology which feeds you with all the info on your game including the cards that have been turned up. In addition, the game control panels allow you to easily place your bets. And if you happen to break the house then you can always deposit something into the tip box.

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