Actual Gaming Live Casino Software

Actual Gaming may be considered a newcomer to the live casino gaming market but it has brought a fresh approach to the way things are done. It is one of the few gaming software providers that allow its clients to stream live casino games from brick and mortar casinos.

You may have noticed how many live casino rooms seem to look alike. Don’t worry, you are not seeing doubles but are probably seeing the same room on different websites. This is made possible by the fact that online casinos do not usually run their live casino games; they leave this to providers like Actual Gaming.

Consequently, the providers lease their studios to dozens of online gaming sites which results in a uniformity of sorts. This repeated scenery sounds rather boring and spurred Actual Gaming to come up with something better.

The platform that it provides enables brick and mortar casinos to stream their games live. They may either allow their registered patrons to access their tables remotely or totally open up their games to eligible players from around the world.

This second option is realized through Actual Gaming’s network of casinos where participating online casinos are allowed to use streamed content from land based casinos. The result is increased revenues for the regular casinos since they are obviously not offering their content for free.

On the other hand, online casinos can stream games from various casinos thus doing away with the monotony of specific studios and bringing some excitement to their clients. Ideally, it is a win-win situation for everyone. At the moment, the software provider doesn’t offer a very wide selection of live casino venues, though.

The main games on offer are blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

•    Play for Free is a feature that allows potential players to sample Actual Gaming’s software without having to part with their money. This is particularly useful if you are new to the platform and need some time to get to know it better.
•    Dedicated Tables are designed for casinos that wish to offer personalized service to their clients. They get their tables branded and are able to assign specific croupiers to these tables.
This translates to an improved customer experience especially if freebies are made a part of the package. In the long run, there should be better customer retention and improved profitability.
•    Promotions Club is Actual Gaming’s solution to casinos that face legal restrictions when it comes to online gaming. They can stream their games provided that online players do not bet using real money.

•    Camera close-ups are available especially for roulette.
•    Mobile gaming is possible on selected games.
•    The software is able to record a reasonable amount of game information and avail it on demand.

•    Players cannot chat with the croupiers.

Actual Gaming may not yet be a market leader but it is undeniably onto something big. With a few improvements here and there we may be on our way to playing virtually in Macao or Las Vegas.

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